The Secret Sauce to A Highly Trafficked Website

June 25, 2020

Getting a lot of traffic on your website requires three main ingredients.   A SEO plan, A user-friendly design, and great content.  Increasing your SEO dramatically increases your website being found among millions of other websites.  Learning to hone in on a specific niche world in which your brand operates is the first step in clarifying exactly how to place your website on the world wide web.  Try blogging once a day with content that is specific to the niche that you are in.  Make sure that you share your content via social media and be sure to add an alt tag to your images within your content.  These small steps will help you see a boost in your website traffic.

Also, be sure that you have a user-friendly website.  One that is easy on the eyes and works, i.e. buttons, scroll, parallax, menu and other items work and are all in place.  Most experts will tell you, you only have about 5 seconds to hopefully earn another 20 seconds.  If your page hasn't loaded quicker than five seconds, your potential audience/customers are not sticking around.  If your site loads fast and is clean, within the first five seconds, they'll determine whether or not they want to stay on your website.  If buttons don't work, expect that to serve as a sign that says, Leave my website now!"

Lastly, and perhaps the most important, be sure that you have great content.  It's not enough today to just have an awesome image that has a gradient layer that showcases your brand.  You must produce content.  Content that is specific to your niche.  When you deliver great content, undoubtedly, you will attract an audience.  If you don't believe me, just go Youtube and look at the amount of followers some of these people/brands have. It's not that their content is Fox or CNN news worthy (at least we don't think so), but its consistent content with their niche.  So whether video or just good'O text, content is king.

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